8u Rules

Updated Saturday May 27, 2017 by Lebanon Youth Baseball.

8U Rules

1.Bases are 60 feet apart. The distance from home to second base is 87 ½ feet. The distance from the plate to the pitching rubber is 40 foot.  For games played at the YMCA fields the bases will be 55 feet apart and pitching rubber is at 35 feet.

2.The pitcher pitches from rubber.

3.The batter receives a maximum of 7 pitches;if the seventh is fouled off another pitch is awarded.

4.Each half inning ends when there are 3 outs or 5 runs are scored. If you reach the 6th inning there is no run limit or batter limit, you play until there are 3 outs.

5. Runners cannot advance on overthrows.  For balls hit in the infield each runner can advance 1 base.

6.     If a ball reaches the outfield, play will stop when the outfielder attempts to throw (ball must leave the hand).  If a runner is already heading to the next base they are allowed to continue at their own risk (meaning they can be thrown out), but cannot continue past the base they are going to regardless of where the ball is on the field.  

7.     If the coach (pitcher) gets hit by a batted ball it is treated as no pitch (runners return to base, does not count as a pitch, batter is still up).

8.Defense consists of a catcher, pitcher, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, and 4 outfielders.

9.Outfielders have to start 15 feet away from closest base.

10.Outfielder cannot make an unassisted out at a base.  They can receive a throw and tag runner or base (if force out), but if they field the ball they must throw it to a base to make an out.

11.The offensive team calls the fair/foul safe/out.

12.The coaches allowed on the field include 1st base coach, 3rd base coach, pitcher, 2 defensive coaches (in the outfield), and 1 coach behind the plate.

13.No illegal bats are allowed in the dugout (ie big barrel bats)

14.On deck batter must be behind the fence and cannot be swinging the bat while on deck

15.The coaches of the first game need to line the fields and place the bases. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to game.

16.If you have a game the day after a rain out, it is up to you to get the field ready for the next day or the field may not be ready.

17.The winning team needs to update the score of the game on the website.

18. Any disputes need to be brought to the 8U commissioner.

19.There is no new inning after 1 hour and 15 minutes of play.  A new inning starts when the last out in the bottom half of an inning is recorded.  If an inning ends after 1 hour and 14 minutes or less then you keep playing.  If an inning ends after playing for 1 hour and 15 minutes or more the game is over.  There is a 6 inning max.  No extra innings during regular season, games can end in a tie. 

20. No infield fly rule

21. There are 5 main positions that can be considered as prime infield spots:  1st, 2nd, SS, 3rd and Pitcher.  No one player can play more than 2 innings in a prime infield spot before another gets his/her 2 innings in.  For example a team of 12 would go like this

      1.     5 players play the first 2 innings in the prime spots then they cannot play                 in those positions again until the other 7 have played those positions for 2               innings.  

2.     5 players play the first inning in the prime spots then they swap out those players in inning 2.  They can reenter the same 5 in those positions in the 3rd.  4th inning and on everyone else needs to fulfill his/her two innings before those 5 can play infield again.

3.     This rule carries over to the following game.  Meaning if you have 2 kids who have not played those spots because of a shortened game they must start the next game in a prime spot.

4.     Players must rotate through the bench as well.  No player should be on the bench for more than 1 inning unless all players have sat for 1 inning.

22.If there is a tag play at any base, the runner must slide, give himself up, or avoid contact, otherwise the runner is out.

23.Once four innings (3 ½ if home team is winning) have been played, if a team is winning by 10 or more runs at the end of an inning, the game is over by run rule.

24.If a player arrives late he is added to the end of the batting order.  If a player comes out of the lineup (injury, leaves early, etc) his spot is skipped, he is not counted as an out.