Tee Ball Rules

Updated Monday March 27, 2017 by Lebanon Youth Baseball.

LYB Tee Ball Rules           

  1. Everyone should get a chance to play everywhere.  You are here to teach them the basics of baseball not win tee ball games.  Everyone gets a trophy at the end of the Tee Ball season.
  2. 3 Inning games
  3. Bat your roster every inning (if you have 9 kids they bat every inning)
  4. Outs are made, we prefer you to teach kids that if they get out they leave the field.  If you have a child who is a bit emotional your choice on that.
  5. Try to teach them to throw to first.  Then try and mix in a force out at other bases.  Before the next kid hits ask them to yell out where they can make an out.
  6. If the ball is hit in the infield, you can only advance one base (all runners)
  7. If the ball is hit to the outfield, you can go for two.  However, make sure it is in the outfield.  If any infielder can get to it, it’s not in the outfield.
  9. Last batter, Kid gets to hit a homerun.  Catcher can tag people out at home
  10. Change your lineup every game so the kids batting last can cross the plate. 
    1. I used to line them up by their numbers for the 1st inning 1-10, then in the second inning would switch it from 10-1 then third inning mix it up.  This is a suggestion not mandated.
  11. Teach them to not throw their bat.  If it continues maybe add in a self-enforced rule that the batter is out.  Coaches from the other side should not call the kid out.  But can remind the other coaches of this rule in a side meeting.  Do not yell across the field to embarrass the child.
  12. Again, this is about teaching the kids the basics.  Do not make this anything else but a teaching league for kids to want to come back and play next year.